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Food ahoy!!! arr me mate~ i've been searching all me life for good food arrr!!(stupid pirate haha)
I'm the type of person who loves to eat and will not stop in search of tasty and tongue teasing, last but not least  satisfaction!. I'll be reviewing the food and drinks for the taste and the restaurant or outlet serving it and of course the price.

Birthday in Bavaria


It's zhungyi's birthday! He's a year older now. Birthday boy decided to dine at cafe bavaria, a restaurant owned by German lady who resides in Miri for quite sometime already. The cafe is just located opposite DR Teo's clinic(near water front). So me and the birthday boy arrived early there and waiting for Rin to join us(it took that boy almost half and a hour)


While waiting for Rin's arrival, we ordered our food first. We both oredered the same drink "vanilla surprise" The drink tasted more like cookies and cream. Birthday boy ordered a chicken schnitzel cheese and i ordered German sausages. Dinner is served and i have to say that zhungyi's chicken schnitzel is really nice, all the cheese topping on it with the gravy(lovely indeed). I have to say the German sausages were great too, it doesn't taste like normal typical sausages. I guess i ate the original sausage from it's origin in Miri haha.
The first time i went to bavaria, i ordered the wrong food there and this time i got the right stuff.




Tantalizing your taste bud.

It's been a while i review or talk about food in my blog, well the food lover is back now. I wasn't able to eat properly previously due to the awful pain in my throat, and getting sick, glad that's over. I just thought of eating by the beach, yes i know there's two post about the beach already but i promise you that this about food alright ? So me and Eric went to Tanjong beach and sat Taman selera's stall. Eric wanted to order butter milk chicken but they don't have and we had a little trouble ordering food there, the waitress gave us the menu and everything is settled.  The food was great and certainly valued for money.







Just wait till i get my cash and i shall order more food, more satay! i shall return to devour the wonderful food.


1st dish of the site, The Rojak(i don't know the english name for it so i'll use actual name) Rojak is a local sarawakian food, no idea of the history or whatever. It's consist of deep fried bean curd, yam, prawn cakes, potatoes or you can have it with kangkong, boiled squid, cucumbers, turnips, and pineapple. Our all time favourite will always be the deep fried one. Then it's fill with this sweet dark sauce, not sure what is it made of and then sprinkle with crushed peanuts MMmmm bon apetite !
Of course in Miri there's lots of shops selling rojak, but you got to know which one to choose. well one of it i went was at Krokop, no it's that big shop own by that fat bastard's dad, it's a small shop around the corner. so we ordered the deep fried one for RM5 or RM8 just enough for the few of us there. "Here it comes, right let's dig in" mmm splendid, the lady made it just nice it's crunchy on the outside and it's soft on the inside,dip it in with the sauce, chilli sauce and the peanut, yummy~ and we had our chendols, the chendols are slightly smaller at somewhere i can get a bigger one, but it was equally good so i'm satisfied with the food there.
Conclusion, the price is fair enough not too expensive for a portion like that, just wish they give us more peanuts haha. The taste of the food is good. so i decided to rate them ***. you can go and try the food there, remember it's not the big shop, it's just a small shop around the corner just infront of that fat bastard's shop in krokop 5


Josh with fork, i guess he wants us to Fork off so he can have his food

Such a fussy boy, who refused to finish the rice, i had to finish that for him

Nasi Lemak Goreng did anyone hear this wrongly ? nope, it's fried nasi lemak. I am actually quite surprise to find out they actually do have that, i have never heard about it all my life in Miri and never have the idea about it. I accidently discovered about thanks to my friend rining(the one in the picture) It was that day me, Jo-ann and rining were going to have lunch and he wanted to have chicken rice but the stall wasn't open so we decided to have some other food, as we sat there waiting for our order to be taken, Rining actually wanted to have Nasi lemak with ayam goreng ( with fried chicken) but he mentioned wrongly nasi lemak goreng. Surprisingly it was in the menu there.
As the food was place on the table, Rining goes for the 1st bite and he didn't like it  all. He started complaining about it which actually attracted my curious taste buds. As i dig in i actually find that it's pretty good, The rice is spicey, flavoured with coconut milk and it taste nice actually. I think the idea is pretty cool frying the rice which already has flavours on it and ehancing it by adding other ingredientts  on it. The price is reasonable is only RM4.50 but the drinks wasn't really good, and the restaurant er.. i can't remember the name but i can remember where it is, it's just around the corner near to AM bank and a lottery ticket seller near to sing liang supermarket. Go check it out if you are craving for something new.
I'll just give it a fair rating 2½/5, the place wasn't really that great.


Konichiwa! It's time for some oriental food, The infamous Japanese sushi!. The place is located at inside imperial mall just infront of speedy video. I don't even know the name of the place and i just know where it is, word!. The sushi bar lots of variety of sushis to choose such as those er.. uramaki and what ever maki it is, everything is on the train thingy or belt what ever you call where the food passes by and you pick which one you desire, they coded the pricing according to the plate color.Minimum RM2 and maximum RM8 or RM10 You can have the ala cartê order for the udon(noodles), and bento i think.
So it was sunday afternoon me and kynan decided to have a nip over there, he ordered a bowl udon which was really huge and worth the price. We just had some green tea and looking at the sushi passing our eyes, thinking which one to eat at the same time looking at the prices haha, later eric and daniel join us. The one that  i like is the one with fish/prawn eggs on it that one is nice, and another wrapped in japanese toufu skin which is very sweet MMmm(i can't remember the names for it ok ?) But still when comparing the sushi to the ones in KL and Singapore their's are obviously better in a way since they can get the actual ingredients there. So i'm not saying the sushi here is bad or what, it's just average. And another about eating there, each time as you take your bite there will be people and kids starring at you since it's just next to the elavator where everyone is coming down (sheesh never see a person eating sushi ??!!!) so i'll give it 3/5, here's something you might want to know, we asked  for the bill before leaving, the waitress forgot to include the udon so kynan got a free meal LOL.  

The sushi train, Next stop Uramaki!

Kynan: HO HO Me eat you puny little octopus


Nasi Briani
Ah a local indian food the nasi briani, I was just thinking to have it yesterday and what a coincidence rining was looking for me to go for lunch at Bismi (just next to southern bank and near to imperial mall). I was a regular customer of bismi, I've always like their food since the roti canai there is really good. 
The service is pretty good, Our drinks and food are served promptly without letting us starve there haha. Today they add a cracker for our nasi briani so it's just an exra condiments to our lunch, the rice is cooked with flavoured comes with an egg, a piece of chicken and some pickle, you can have it with curry but we decide to stick our regular. As usal the food is always satisfying with a fair portion and a good taste :) so do go there and check it out, and try the roti canai there too. I'll rate it 4/5

Bismi Restaurant

Pelita Hai ma
It was after the pool competition i checked my hp and there's 3 missed call from eric, and i called him back to check what's going on. He wanted to eat and it happen that i wanted to eat to and i went  and picked him up. I wanted to have some rice and thought of having it at apollo restaurant and it wasn't open because it was 11 something, so we tried discovery and guess what ? the cooks went back already, damn it! if they don't pity me it's alright but please pity my hungry stomach. So we went to hai ma there. The place is pretty big and it's open 24/7 which means if you are hungry in the middle of the night there's always something to nibble there. I wanted to have something different and i went looking around, at the corner stall i saw some nice food there. At the first glance of the picture the hot plate noodles seems nice, after remembering that it wasn't really my taste so i decided to order kueh chap which i haven't eat in a while(again haha)

The kueh chap

Not many people like to eat that, what's the reason behind ? well it's because of what it is made of. The kueh chap consist of pig's rectum(properly cleaned so don't worry) the skin from the pig's head, some beancurd, pork, deep fried cha kuehand the square thingy made of rice flour, now that's a trademark Kuching kueh chap *yummy*. So it's because that kueh chap consist of internal organs that's why some people don't eat, hey you gotta try something out of the ordinary right ? so i took my first sip of the soup, and i must say that is a really good kueh chap i haven't eat in a long time. The aroma and the taste is there, The rectum is properly cleaned that's why it doesn't have the pungent odour. MMmm and i must really give credit to the condiment provided, which is the chilipaste . Man the chili paste was really awesome it's spicy and tasty, it was so spicy that it made my nose watery, but it was really good. The place is more or less like a typical coffee shop in Miri, and the drinks was good too. So i'll rate the kueh chap and the drinks 4/5 for the good taste and portion.

My buddy eric

Eric ordered a hot plate kueh teow from the same stall, he wanted to order kueh chap also but he already ordered that so he decided to stick with it, I wasn't really satisfied with the miri hot plate kueh teow. I was expecting the Tun jugah food court's hot plate kueh teow MMmmmM how i miss it so much *sob* and the ones in KL Isetan. But Eric said it was fine, but i didn't really like it anyway.

Eric's hot plate kueh teow

The both of us had a great meal but we're still hungry and we just order a plate of fries from the western food corner. Man the portion was really big, and thank goodness managed to finish most it haha, what would i do without you around when i'm eating ? haha. Well the fries was pretty good so i give it a 3/5 because the portion was really huge. (thank you MR generous dude).

French fries! would you like fries with that ??

Since we still have some of the fantastic chili paste left over, Eric was saying since the chili paste tasted so good why not dip the fries in it. He tried it and..... we decided that it's best to eat french fries the usual way we eat it.

dipping the fry in the chili paste

Taking the bite

He'll stick to Maggi chili sauce

Nasi Pattaya
After having a bad night, we decided to head home early but not with empty stomachs. We dropped by at restaurant perkasa which is next to pewira. I hardly go there to eat or drink, maybe it's because i don't like it ? well they all wanted to go there so i just decide to tag along. Me and eric ordered a nasi pattaya ,kang kai ordered a fried noodles, oh and it's a local malay food, they cook the rice with er.. some thingy and then it's covered with an egg on the top. As food is served on the table, we dig in. The rice is not too bad, but it's more like a fried rice covered with an egg, seriously! I'm not saying that it sucks but it's just alright. Eric didn't like it anyway. So i'll just give it  a 2 and a half out of 5.
I would prefer the one from restaurant idaman but fuck it! they pissed me off, that time i ordered a noodles and it never came. Rining kept reminding them about it and they don't give a fuck , so fuck it then! i'm never going to order anything from them since they think my money ain't worth it there.

Nasi Pattaya

Nasi Lemak
Another local malay food which you can find it almost anywhere, It was after i came down from balcony since the music they played was really fucked up so i just decided to stuff something into my intestines. Eating the food from al fresco? no fucking way am i going eat something from there, the price is a total rip off and the food tasted like something from the sanitation department. I met a friend of mine who just arrive to the scene, rining. It happen that he was hungry like a horse and he wanted to order the nasi lemak fromt he stall right from of cherry berries, i went with him to have my order taken. we both ordered the nasi lemak with beef rendang and they will send it our table, when our food arrived on the table, it's time to dig in.
Finally something to fill up my stomach after having a few drinks in balcony, Their nasi lemak comes with the sambal, salted fish, peanuts, an egg, cucumbers, beef rendang/curry chickienand the rice cooked with coconut milk, The nasi lemak cost a little pricey but it's worth the money, just that the portion they gave was so small that it won't even fill up my tummy so i would appreciate it if they give us a bigger portion to make our money worth. Not to mention the beef rendang they gave me yesterday, it was rather sweet and it looked so dark like a pile of freshly laid cow pies. No doubt the taste there, just that they need to warm up the food, it's a little too cold. So it's a fair rating for them, 3 out of 5 would do.


Fried Noodles please

sitting under the tree

After having a check up with the dentist and knowing that i might be in agony on monday. My mom told about this great place to eat and i didn't mind to go anywhere since my was growling, it was such a suprise that the place we went was a place that i have been to before and i thought that it was a new place. It's a very old place but after a make over for the place, it has turn out to be something new. Not to mention they change the name from Li xiang(opposite a seafood restaurant next to perwira) to er.. something haha(i can't remember the name). They changed the tables, tiles, chairs and cups too, i must say the cups are fancy looking. Job well done for them, now that's a restaurant should do. (thumbs up from me)
So we sat behind there under the trees, such a good location where you get the shade and a nice environment too. Mom asked to me order my food, she suggested rice but i was thinking about my sore tooth and decided that i should have something easier to chew on. So i just ordered the most common food ever
to eaten, fried earth worms! just kidding! it's fried noodles, since the noodles are long and it looks almost like worms fried with dark soy sauce. so anyway there's another shop sells good fried noodles around the boulevard area there. Ok so let's talk about this one, the noodles seem to good, i took my first bite and that's a good fried noodles. reasonable portion, cost extra 50cents, and eating at a good looking restaurant ? it's pretty good, you guys can have you breakfast there next time :) it's a 3/5  

fancy looking cups

My noodles

Chicken rice ??


after finishing work at dynasty, i had this fantatistic har min(prawn noodles) and darn it ! i only had a bowl of that and my poor tummy wasn't filled up. I decided to have some food at sunrise sea food restaurant(just around the corner of pewira) after dropping one of my colleague home. The waiter approaches me to take my order, i was very blur to figure out what to eat so i asked for suggestions,i asked if they have rice with some meat, at the same time i was thinking of having butter chicken rice(like how the cook the butter prawns). Am i glad they have it, i'm sitting all alone there while watching ESPN showing arsenal's moments of glory after winning the championship(who cares ?) and having my ice tea while i await for my food to be prepare.
As my food arrived, i was about to give myself a smack on the head because i forgot to tell the waiter that i wanted the chicken rice with the butter sauce not the fried one. Since jo-ann had one which it sucked, i wasn't really ready to take bite. I knew i had to eat since i'm pretty hungry, and here we go. As the first bite was taken, It really taste better than it looks. Hurrah!
The chicken was fried just nicely, not to crispy and yet soft on the inside. The butter thingy was nicely done too. The chicken tastes sweet, a little salty, a little spicy, and the aroma was good. It's cooked with some er.. herb leaves ? basil leaves i think ? and with small chillies and the butter thingy. The portion they gave was just right(well lutong cafe's portion is a lot haha) another satisfied meal for me and i'm happy about it. It cost me RM6, no doubt lutong cafe's one is cheaper of course but it's too fucking far for me to go all the way there just to eat haha so i just eat good food somewhere nearby  :)

sunrise seafood restaurant

It's Chicken rice!

A very generous giving

This time is chicken rice for real, rining called me erm.... around 12:03. I was suppose to get ready but i went back to sleep haha. And he waited for me for quite a while in the car. So he decided to have chicken rice for his lunch, which was my brunch for me. He brought to this place near to the nasi lemak goreng shop. And Him being the regular customer taking his order, he order the special(adding extra chicken which i don't see anything so special about it) so the food arrive and i must say that is really a big portion they gave us.
Taking my bite of food after fasting the whole night without food, and it tasted just fine. Not that bad and not really that good, it's just alright, but the portion was really huge. The place reminded me of kuching, the very vintage style of coffee shops.  well i just rate this one 2 and half out of 5. I still love the hainan chicken just behind the shop, maybe it's because my grandma used to buy me the chicken rice from there so that's how i like it. Missed my grandma's grumbling and her present :)

It's kandy boy again, he's drinking his teh c peng haha

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